Where’s the “Jewish Narrative”

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…But Israel has not evolved for the better in the realm of national pride, judging by the growth of the malignant political left in the MSM. For example, the newspaper Haaretz which used to be – just think of the name, Haaretz, short for Land of Israel – used to be a Zionist newspaper. Today, a major shareholder is German gentiles, and not surprisingly Haaretz today reflects the Euro-Left epitomized by Dr. Mogherini, who represents this generation of European antiJews. The European hatred of Jews for killing Jesus has gone out of fashion; today the evil of the Jews is their crime of stealing Palestine from the Palestinians. The medieval Catholic priest on Good Fridays squawking from his pulpit on the perfidy of the Jews, the required sermon topic for the day, has been replaced by the Communist Jeremy Corbyn squawking that Israelis in recent weeks have killed dozens of Palestinian children…