Corbyn is Textbook

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so, it is no coincidence that the rise of the evil Third Reich in Germany was coterminous with its Fuhrer who simultaneously hated Jews and loved Wagner’s grandiose operas rooted in pre-Christian German folklore and paganism. In our generation, Wagner’s great-grandson, who hated German Nazism, gave lectures on the connection between the covert antisemitism buried in his forebear’s operas and the Holocaust. They are not only celebrations of pagan Germans but sub rosa aggression against the Jews.

As I often point out, Nazism, Marxist Communism and Islam are all totalitarian haters of Jews, and so is Jeremy Corbyn. And I find it interesting that as the US had a Jew-hating Muslim as president for eight years, so the Labour Party in England is now led by another cockeyed antiJew as deranged as a David Irving, or Mahmoud Abbas.

The Daily Mail exposed Corbyn at a memorial for Fatah terrorists in Tunisia and his self-defense is textbook verbiage for this type of denier of the truth about Jews…