What Israelis Lack

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Take, for example, veteran military affairs correspondent for Yediot, Ron Ben Yishai, a nice guy, no ideologue. Former combat officer in the IDF, who has also, an assumed identity, visited Arab countries, risking capture, to report from inside the enemy.

In today’s piece, he writes on the anomaly of a recently violent Gaza Strip vs. a relatively quiescent “West Bank” and of course as a post-religious Israeli chalks everything up to economic conditions. “Commentators invested a lot of time and effort in explaining why Gaza is going up in flames, while the Palestinians in the West Bank are demonstrating indifference. Now the tables have turned. It appears Gaza is calming down, whereas the shooting and stabbing attacks in the West Bank are becoming more commonplace. The reasons for the apparent lull in Gaza are obvious: Hamas is slowly achieving the economic benefits it desires, and attributing those successes to the March of Return campaign and the intense kite and balloon terrorism.”

I’m sorry, but the young male Muslims who stabbed Ari Fuld in the back and pulled the trigger on Ziv Hajbi and Kim Levengrond after he bound her wrists with cables were not protesting the economic situation anywhere…