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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Jewish people, someone once wisely observed, are just like everybody else, only more so.

Which I understand to mean that Jews stand out in human affairs in all kinds of pursuits and behaviors, for good and evil, if not the kind of extreme evil gentiles like Germans and Arabs are capable, those most horrific crimes against humanity, against the human being, G-d greatest creation. Jews are capable of many crimes, but not the kind of gruesome violence the Germans have been capable of, and the Arabs with their horrifying acts of terror, like pouncing on Jews and stabbing them to death; like flying airliners into office towers, exploding themselves among Jews in crowded rush hour buses in their cities.

We have had gangsters; organized crime in the States was only half-Sicilian, the other half Jewish. White collar criminals like Bernie Madoff. And like other normal nations, we have traitors. Think of England’s Cambridge Spies, Kim Philby and friends; of American Aldrich Ames, CIA, whose father was CIA, who betrayed his country to the Communists and the assassination of dozens spies for the US…