What is “paramilitary”?

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Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 2nd day, yud-alef beAdar, Parashas Ki Sisa, tav-shin-ayin-bes, the evening of the 1st day, Sunday, 4 March, 2012, webcasting “from the hills whence cometh my help.”

Leastwise, what other hills could King David have had in mind when he wrote those words? For sure Emek HaElah/the Valley of the Oak is down below these hills. That is where he fought Goliath and slew him by using his brains not animal-like brawn. In praying as surely did to HaShem to help him defeat Goliath, the hills whence came his help were these hills above him, the hills of Judea between Hevron his future capital and Jerusalem, the future capital of the whole nation of Israel.

Today the MSM here was mostly speculation about the upcoming AIPAC conference today where Uncle Shimon the National Village Idiot was to speak at 11 this morning, and I think be given an award for bringing into the country 40,000 antisemitic Arab terrorists who led to the slaughter of almost 2,000 Jews and the maiming of thousands more.

Uncle Shimon was scheduled today to meet with the Prince of Islam Adoration before the prime minister of Israel met him. Again these Israelis are an embarrassment in their domestic politics. No one is saying but, Shimon, he’s got to learn to “park between the lines.” He’s president, not prime minister, which role traditionally was intended to be outside of politics.

As Aharon Barak and his altar girl Dorit Benisch stepped way over the line by exercising their judicial powers where they had no business, so does Shimon cross lines. Aharon Bark said everything is justiciable which is a rejection of the principle of a separation of powers which concept is as old as Montesquieu who lived in the 16th century, I think.

But not for these radical Left Enlightened ones like Shimon who claim power over everything. So Shimon Peres has crossed a line he should not have crossed, and it is to Israel’s shame that nobody says anything here about this old fool meddling in politics when that is not his job description.

He has been reported in the rumor-laden MSM to want to tell Prince Barack Hussein that Israel should not attack Iran, which fits his psychological profile as a Leftist and his own personal history. As a Leftist he plays advocate for the enemies of your people, and as Uncle Shimon he has biography strewn with instances of doing things behind the backs of his superiors, conducting his own foreign policy because the youthful Marxist philosopher that he was is still alive to a degree, and this was evident in his shameless and blockheaded Oslo deal with Yasir Arafat which was the height of human stupidity: making a deal with a mass murderer who as a mass murderer was probably not above breaking any deal he signed his name to.

So Emir Barack Hussein addressed the AIPAC crowd today I don’t know what he said and frankly I doubt I will even read the reports tomorrow…