The Irony of “Haaretz”

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…We left off before the music with Haaretz as a symptom of the end of Zionism which was largely a non-religious movement, and as such had a short life span. All political parties do. All are man-made visions of society and as such are as mortal as the men who make them.

Versus the Torah which is above time; it is eternal. Haaretz talks to that slice of Israeli culture enraptured by the fashions of the post-Christian West; and the news has been manifold this week with symptoms of that malignancy. Yesterday in Ramat Gan’s family court the judge ruled that two women should be registered as the biological mother of one child. What they did was remove an ovum from one woman, fertilize it with the sperm of an unknown male, and then implant it in the womb of the second woman.

This is behavior a piece of behavior like with the pornography in public problem. Both are abuses of the holy gift of reproduction.

Another story this same morning concerned the functional anorexia of fashion models in Israel and a bill is being submitted in the Knesset to ban employment of models whose body weight is clinically categorized as descriptive of anorexia, or words that effect. And I suspect there is some connection to the opposite phenomenon in the West in our time of impossibly obese people.

And then there was a third story yesterday of the State submitting last Wednesday an opinion to the High Court against the exclusion of women from advertising in public in certain neighborhoods which the State claims is a violation of the fundamental rights of women. JPost hard copy accompanied the story with a photo of a bus stop in Jerusalem with an ad for a restaurant which showed a woman lasciviously licking a plate while wearing some garment displaying a deep décolletage.

The State is basically trying to sue religious neighborhoods that don’t want that kind of pornography in their public streets.

I think I spoke some months back of friends who live in Monsey, NY who were “in the city,” as the expression goes, meaning New York, and could not believe the vulgarity of a particular advertisement they saw on the side of a bus cruising down Fifth Avenue. And to deepen the significance this happened after Thanksgiving when all the famous Christmas decorations are just starting to appear.

The world of fashion her and in the West, everywhere these days, favors women with the figures of skinny boys, as in the courts in the West sodomy and lesbianism have swamped a culture whose popular entertainment now is filthy words, perverse sex and violence.

It is like that in the West, and it is like that here in a certain slice of the culture. On the blog the other day friend Swede P offered sympathy for me for saying “I don’t feel Israeli.”

No sympathy is needed. Israel is a collection of communities. It is the ultimate in a free pluralistic society. Everyone has his community. Mine does not include people who like Haaretz.

So what? They are fated to extinction for they have forsaken an eternal ideology for a toxic passing fashion…