Violent Hamites (07/18/10)

Internet Radio

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…So these Muslims, these Arabs, these Iranians, Pakistanis, Algerians, Lebanese are a violent slice of humanity, don’t you think?

Which is why there is not going to be a “Palestinian” state as the antiJews of the world imagine it. It just ain’t going to happen that the people of Israel are going to agree to drive 500,000 Jews from their homes and force them to return to the 9-mile wide waist of a country that Israel had in 1967. And of course after this mass flight and re-settlement program, the Muslims will take complete control of the western slope of the hills of Judea and Samaria overlooking that 9-mile wide strip of congested Jewish life and be free to set up their primitive, portable Qassam rocket launching apparatus. Jews are not going to agree to that.

World antiJewry believes in the future transformation of Judea and Samaria into a Judenrein “Palestinian” state as of right; and until Israel agrees to this “Two-State Solution,” Israel will be the guilty party, the enemy of justice and peace, the criminal victimizer of the Ancient Palestinian people whose land Israel refuses to return.

And in a similar vein to this antiJew demand that Israel retreat to the 1949 cease-fire line, which no sober Israeli will ever agree to, so Israel demands of the Hamites here that they recognize Israel as a Jewish state, which demand from the Muslim viewpoint is likewise simply impossible. At least until they have a Reformation or a Vatican II.

What Netanyahu is doing is demanding that these Arabs sign off on the rightness of Jews living free and independent in our ancient homeland, which is a demand in direct contradiction to the Qur’an and 14 centuries of history between Jews and Arab Muslims. Forget the legendary Golden Age of Spain; the common record of Jewish life under Arab Muslims is a poor one. The Jews suffered every bit as much as Jews in Ashkenaz at Christian hands. The Qur’an repetitively deals with the Jews, and it is clear, as one verse says, that we are Islam’s Enemy No. 1, “more than Christian priests,” according to the verse.

In other words, the last 17 years of peace-making, the bloody handiwork the Jewish Left, Rabin, Peres, Beilin, Indyk, etc. has been an impossible dream dreamed up by ignorant men ignorant of Islam and its historic mistreatment of Jews.

And why? Men like Rabin, Peres and Beilin were raised as antiJew, secular Zionists who thought that if they, as “Israelis,” did not act like Jews, believe like Jews, live like Jews, the Arabs wouldn’t treat them as Jews. The world would treat Israelis as normal people. No more of this Chosen People stuff and persecutions.

No, Israelis like Rabin and Peres and Beilin, Amos Oz, David Grossman, A.B. Yehoshua still believe that if we stop abusing the victims of our parents’ Zionism and do right by the “Palestinians” whose right to this land is every bit as righteous as the Jewish right, only then will peace come.

The implication of this view of course is that all the Arabs want and are justified in wanting is half of Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria, and not a square meter more.

Just give them everything Israel took in 1967, give it all back, and they will break out into smiles of gratitude and friendship.

For these radically dejudaized people, because of their radical dejudaization, are incapable of empathically, truly identifying with the Arabs/the Muslims they purport to care for; identify with them as fellow religionists. And because of this defect, they are blind and deaf to the essential religious nature of the Arabs’ complaint against Israel…