Standing Up to the Enemy

Internet Radio

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…So I think maybe Bibi, while ready to stand up to the obvious hostility of the Muslims in Ankara, he is not ready to stand up when it comes to the NGOs perhaps because he knows who they are: the hidden face of the EU and other enemies of Israel in the West, those who fund these NGOs under the pretense they are human rights organizations or peace activists, instead of this generation’s post-Holocaust mutation of classical antiJew antagonists. And Bibi just does not want to stir them up unnecessarily.

The Turks are waiting for the Palmer report to come out and accuse them of collaborating with the IHH terrorist front, which is why they, I imagine, they stopped the Mavi Marmara from sailing this time.

And perhaps Bibi does not want to irritate the NGOs – that is, the antiJews behind them – when such bell weather types as Abe Foxman and American Jewish Committee types might have a hard time explaining this second piece of legislation against these wonderful humanitarians.

But if so, he is wrong. These NGOs must be faced down just like the Turks who are in cahoots with the IHH, so are these NGOs, these Brit-fund, French-funded, German-funded, American-funded organizations like Btselem and Amnesty and the New Israel fund. They are all antiJew operations.

All of them are of the view referred to at the beginning of this webcast. All of them agree with the Romans in the days of Emperor Hadrian: this land belongs to the Philistines, in our time the Neo-Philistines. They are the rightful owners of this land, not the Jews.

Heck, letting the Jews have this Land might lead to some people in the world to believe that their G-d really exists and really has brought them home as their Books says he would. I don’t know if the world is ready for that…