Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Al-Jazeera interviewed one of these criminal Ishmaelites claiming the right to setting fire to Jewish fields. The reporter asked him, “What motivated you to burn the fields of the settlers east of al-Bureij?” And the answer, “We, the Palestinians, do not recognize these fields as belonging to the enemy. These are our lands, and the fields planted on them are not theirs by right. These are our lands, and we have the right to them. We say to the [Jews], ‘We will not let you sow your lands and enjoy them. We will burn your fields, which you harvest to pay for the bullets that you use to shoot children and peaceful unarmed demonstrators.”

And in these words out of the mouth of a son of Ham we hear the basic claim of the Jewish religion and the Jewish nation that this land is our land, not the land of any other nation in the world including of the hologram of a nation called the Palestinians, plagiarized. This is a claim testifying to the truth that this fellow and those who think like him are plain and simple thieves at heart, burglars of other people’s property including their religion. That is all that Islam is, Yiddishkeit purloined and perverted…