Israel Always the Bad Guy

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Not surprisingly, Israel HaYom this morning featured that mysterious killing of a Hamas weapons maker in Kuala Lumpur, by two men on a motorcycle.

Similar mysterious two-man teams on motorcycles have been known to kill atomic scientists in Iran.

And not surprisingly, by contrast, the ever enlightened Jerusalem Post blared, “Death of 15-year-old Gazan draws EU, UN criticism of Israel.”

The UN’s man on the scene Nikolay Mladenov accused Israel, “How does the killing of a child help peace?”

I also cannot overlook, before going any further with this story, the fact that right above the day’s major headline, was a teaser for a story inside on page 24 entitled. “Adult entertainment: The reopening of Israel’s only S & M club, the Dungeon.”

The once dignified Jerusalem Post of the Jewish people published in the Holy City is now doing porn. The Jerusalem Post used to be not only a Zionist newspaper but a Jewish one, but this behavior is simply not Jewish…