The Silence of the Jewish Lambs

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Surely it was the Almighty’s plan to drive Herzl on his mission, he who had no knowledge of this country; of Islam, of Islam’s feelings about Jews. Had he known any of this history, I doubt he would have launched his crusade. To read his fantasy novel of the state of the Jews twenty years after its peaceful birth, and to follow the day’s news here, is to see how way off the mark Herzl was, he whom post-Jewish Israelis celebrate as the Father of His Country who merits a special day. Herzl did not imagine that 67 years after the emergence of his imagined state, goyim would be daily plunging knives into the backs of Jews and most importantly at random. For sure, he never dreamed that the knifers would also be bent on suicide in the name of Allah.

Yesterday, another Muslim afire with hamas, which means religious zeal, committed the “holy” act of plunging a knife into the back of an 80-year-old Jewish woman. Herzl never conceived of such an act of “piety,” leastwise in the ever swamps of Muslim brains…