Rabin’s Legacy

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, last night was the third time in a week, I think, for the ritual raising from the dead like the Witch of Endor of the ghost of Yitzhak ben Nehemiah Rabin to toy with the idea of abandoning Judea and Samaria as the dream of peace.

The MSM said that 100,000 people (I don’t believe them) gathered last evening in Rabin Square Tel-Aviv where he gave his last speech and was assassinated, with the highlight of the evening being the speeches delivered by two goyim from America singing the praises of and lying about Isaac Rabin. One was there in person, the other spoke via closed circuit TV from Washington. Not one but two gentile presidents from the land of their dreams. One was the current Communist Muslim president who just stabbed Israel in the back with an atomic dagger, and the other King Billy the Kinky over whom, one leftist journalist today said, the crowd swooned. They gave him a rapturous welcome, which yours truly chalks up to, once again, Israeli provincialism. They don’t know of the sleaze surrounding this man and what a pathological liar his wife Lady Macbeth Clinton is…