The Quality and Quantity of Mercy

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Clearly, with all the Holocaust memorials in the world — there are at least 100 memorials to the Holocaust in the US alone – they have not rid the world of billions of people who would applaud and cheer at the news of Israel destroyed. In the US, Tamika Mallory and those two Muslim women in Congress surely do not represent the American people, but they would feel at home in any of 134 nation-states in the G77 that elected the Fatah terrorist chieftain, their chairman Mahmoud Abbas Arafat’s partner on the White House Lawn on 9/13, 1993, one of the squad of Arab savages who butchered 11 Israeli athletes in 1972, first castrating the strongest one of all, the weightlifter, presumably in the front of the other ten. From this we understand that killing an enemy for an Arab Muslim is not just taking his life. It must be cruel, satanic in its sadism, producing not just pain for the victim but in his last moments in world of nightmarish horror. So, the thought of negotiating peace with Arafat and Abbas after decades of their barbarism was something only those post-religious, socialist dunderheads Pres and Rabin would attempt…