Europe Enslaved to Its Hostility

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So yesterday was the publication of an ever more extensive report on the continued EU funding of these antiJew outfits. Last month, the EU’s own auditors identified major problems with the EDU’s ability to monitor the funds it sends out.

In a nutshell, we should not be surprised. Dr. Mogherini’s hostility to the Israel Reborn is a matter of not only the written record but the photographic one. Just this week I saw another photo of her and Iran’s Rouhani, or was it Mahmoud Abbas, smiling as she always does in the presence of these Jew-killing potentates. Vs. the photographic evidence of her shaking hands with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Jews. Her smile is forced; she’s as stiff as a corpse. She is the most German-looking Italian I’ve ever seen.

And I can only wonder if Gilad Erdan, the Israeli understands that this is the face of Jew-hatred in our time, hers is the face contemporary antiJewism…