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Palestinian television still glorifies terror attacks against Israel

…Here are two seemingly unrelated stories. No. 1. The three rockets fired out of the artificial Gaza rectangle of Jew-hatred with the intent to kill Jews at random and No. 2 the story last week of a UN investigator accusing Israel of Judaizing the West Bank. Shocking, in her mind.

In the first item here, quoted a resident of Omer, a suburb of Beersheva, who was in a parking lot when the Color Red siren went off. The large hardware store she was next to ordered all of its employees into safe rooms. She and other shoppers, though, had nowhere to go so they just stood there, as I understand it. “Then we heard a loud boom. I wasn’t frightened. We remained calm.”

Another woman who also lives in Omer told the journalist that she hid in her kitchen with her children. She said they are used to sirens.

Here we are 70 years after World War II and still there are people out there trying to murder Jews. Not a day passes here, in Gaza or southern Lebanon, home of Hezbollah, where goyim are not planning Jew-killing attempts. If it is not an attack on Jews here, then abroad, in India or Thailand, Argentina.

Not a day has passed since the Holocaust without some goy plotting to murder Jews.

And then there was this other story of this UN investigator, this Raquel Rolnik, sounds Jewish, submitting her report to the UN Human Rights Council accusing Israel of Judaizing Judea, as if there was something wrong with Jews living in Judea and making it thrive and grow.

And the connection between these two stories I think is as always, forever and ever, the hand of HaShem manipulating history, manipulating people who give us a hard time in order to keep alive our separate identity as a truly special people, set apart, which is the basic meaning in Hebrew of kodesh/holiness. A people set apart, a kingdom of priests, a holy people. Until we accept that mission in life, we are still going to have a hard time from people like Raquel Rolnik.

And the rocket-launcher boys in Gaza. They are both driven, possessed in Gaza of their homicidal Jew-hatred; and here is this probably Jewish zombie of a woman who seems not to know or care, that the UN Human Rights Council is also obsessed with smearing Jews with guilt…