The “Missiles of February”?

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…Lastly, some good news. On Friday, according to JPost this morning, two “activists,” a French woman and a Dutch man were hit by IDF tear-gas projectiles at Nabi Salih during a weekly demonstration.

The bad news is that they did not suffer any serious injurious.

The bad news as well, as always in the JPost coverage was Nabil Salih was said to be in the “West Bank,” and as always, the bad news is JPost was calling them “activists,” without saying activists for whom.

Well, it did quote one Jonathan Pollack who is a spokesman for the Palestinian NGO called The Popular Struggle Coordinating Committee.

So I just there is more bad news in this item than good. It is bad that the Post used the term “West Bank”; it is bad that they used the term “Palestinian”; bad that the spokesman was this NGO was an Israeli Jew.

Bad that they called these two foreigners “activists,” without calling them “enemy activists” for that is exactly who they are; enemy provocateurs assisted by this Israelite.

Oh well. It was good news that these two enemy goyim were hit by these tear gas canisters if not seriously.

Anyway, maybe to take my mind off the “Missiles of February,” I’ll try to stay up for the Super Bowl.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael