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…Speaking in the last segment of Jewish dumbbells and other fools, there was one other at the Herzliya Conference who deserves mention: former US Congressman Robert Wexler who on Tuesday spoke his piece. He is the current president of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, and for those who don’t who S. Daniel Abraham, he’s the Slim Fast millionaire who made his bundle pushing Slim Fast snacks as a way to lose weight. Like Haim Saban the Israeli who made his billions with the Mighty Morphin Rangers toys who opened the Saban Center for Peace, Martin Indyk, chief cook and bottle washer. Abraham is another Jewish businessman who wants to be player and opens up a think-tank and hires out-of-work diplomats and politicians to write policy statements in line with his own views, which are pretty much in line with those of Uncle Shimon the Fool.

Wexler in the conference brought up the terms of a deal discussed by the Holocaust Denier and Ehud Olmert, that low life, who sons abandoned Israel; whose daughter is a deranged, radical, leftist lesbian, pro-terrorist activist.

Wexler was just full of percentages in his remarks. He said those two Olmert and Abbas in 2008 talked of Israel swapping 4% of the land it had before 1967 in exchange for the right to keep the large settlement blocs. He said that in that year there was roughly 5.1% swappable land contiguous to a future Balestinian state that was empty. But now because of the construction since then, that percentage has dropped to 4.5%. “As we get closer to that 4%,” he said, “the Israeli public should debate what to do,” as he hinted that construction in those areas should be frozen to keep the land-swap option viable. He said both Israel and the PA “missed a golden opportunity last May in not endorsing Pres. Obama’s speech calling for an agreement based on the 1967 lines.”

You know, when Obama sandbagged Bibi with his surprise announcement that basically trashed Res. 242, the backbone of Israeli diplomacy for 44 years.

Wexler is known as one of Emir Barack Hussein’s “closest Jewish confidantes,” in the words of JPost journalists Herb Keinon.

Yes, another Jewish dumbbell. Another dummy who probably would not know what why his recommendation supporting Obama’s disgusting ambush of Bibi trashed 242.

Another dumbbell, another Jewish dummy…