The Immortal War Against the Jews

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And in the art world these days, such as it is, the world of the post-religious left, Israel is the bad guy in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and that apparently is on view in this latest Israeli production.

Not surprisingly, Ministress of Culture Miri Regev, and not for the first time, blasted her disapproval. She said she has no problem with movies critical of Israel but she will not support those that “defame IDF soldiers.” And for sure her decades as a high career officer in the IDF are the basis of her defense against those who defame our soldiers who give their lives to defend us from arguably the most monstrous human beings in the world, these homicidal Muslim maniacs who in their universe dominated by Satan they think the height of religious piety is entering a Jewish house with a big knife and plunging into the bodies of Jews to kill them.

That any Israeli moviemaker makes a film defaming Israeli soldiers before he makes a film of what monsters the terrorists are who embitter our lives all the time is a disgrace…