Israel, the Source of Morality

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last item. The American TV comedian, who never once made me laugh — each to his own, I guess — Conan O’Brien has been here doing a film on Israel, in support one hopes, and last week he was up in Tsfat in the hospital in the Ziv Medical Center and saw how wounded Syrian civilians are treated by the medical staff, social workers and others with respect. After he saw the TLC these people get at Israeli expense, he told the staff “You all deserve a Noble Peace Prize.”

Of course. But the world is still largely antiJew in its hostility.

I have thought that another candidate for the Nobel Prize is We settlers, the hated settlers, who have been mauled and massacred, murdered and mutilated, whole families machine-gunned to death in the family car in drive-by shootings, or stabbed to death in the beds, or at the Sabbath table, without responding in kind. If we were not Jews, any other people, I think, would have responded in kind and organized raiding parties into Arab settlements to murder Arabs at random in their homes, G-d forbid. And there is no greater testament to the Jewish people, the sons of Abraham the Kind, that we have never done that. We deserve the Nobel Prize for Peace, not Rabin, Peres and Arafat…