The Eternal Rebellion of Jews

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Lev Bronstein, who re-fashioned himself with the gentile name Leon Trotsky had a faithful hagiographer in Isaac Deutscher, a soulmate of a post-Jew, who once penned an essay you can find online called “The Non-Jewish Jew,” and in a way, so-called Reform Judaism is about that a non-religious Jewish identity. I see myself an expert on Reform Judaism having been exposed to it and there is no religion there. It is a social community for people of Jewish extraction but there is no religion there, which is one reason why the ongoing tussle over the Western Wall never ends. Because it is so profoundly irrational a demand, it can never be satisfied.

It is irrational because, logically, Reform Jews came into the world rejecting Jewish prayers for a return to the Land of Israel to build the Third Temple. This is why they call their buildings temples. Each one makes the statement that this community of Jews is loyal to the country where it exists. They have no desire to return to Eretz Yisrael and build the third and final temple, for which the Western Wall is a mournful substitute. Reform Jews praying at the Western Wall makes no sense for it alludes to the ancient Jewish desire for the return from exile and resurrection of our temple, which the Reform rejected as Jewish wish. Their notion of Jewishness has nothing to do with that…