Poland’s Official AntiJewitis

Internet Radio

Program Link: Poland’s official anti-Semitism
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…These Poles are as antiJew as the Arab Muslims are, only now there is no deicide charge, just the crime of making people feel guilty for the Holocaust, which some peoples, like the Arabs, like the Poles evidently, cannot confront the truth of their own participation in it.

And like the Arabs, who invented the fantasy Palestinian Narrative, the Palestinian version of history, so are the Poles right now re-writing history in a way that might surprise even George Orwell.

Not only is their prime minister a dedicated antiJew, wielding the absolutely, bizarrely twisted narrative in which the Jews perpetrated the Holocaust too, a Member of Sejm, the Polish parliament and head of the far-right national movement, attended a party at the Iranian Embassy celebrating Khomeini’s taking power and is making an officially sanctioned, I presume, exhibition entitled, “The Jews Who Murdered the Poles.”