The Endless War Against US

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…As I’ve said before, what strengthens my belief in the G-d of Israel as much as anything is the angry and snarling enemies who via their hostility bear witness to the power of the Jewish idea.

According to the Jewish Press this afternoon, the rally in Tel-Aviv two nights ago was funded by a group call Anu, meaning “We,” that in turn in funded by the New Israel Fun, the European Union, the UNESCO and the Shocken Fund.

This is wonderful. There can be no greater validation to the truth of the Nation-State law than the reactions of antiJews the world over. The UN in New York and Geneva; the EU in Brussels, the New Israel Fund in New York and Washington backing Israeli antiJews. Anu informed the news media that they were the “headquarters if the struggle against the Nationality Law” that is, basically, nothing but classical Zionism…