Kushner’s Conceptual Breakthrough

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The topic of how much the Jews should be allowed into society was endless. In the post-religious 19th century, it was no longer logical to hate Jews as deicides, when a person no longer believed in the divinity of the Nazarene. So what the gentiles did was redefine the Jews as not a nation within a nation. The Jews as a nation started out in the womb of Egypt, and in its dispersion remained a nation within nations. But now in the age of the study of religion as a scientific pursuit, with anthropological pioneers studying the world’s races, the Jews were redefined as a race and the negativity toward this race called eventually antisemitism. The first antisemites made the case that the Jews were racially, that is biologically, so different, their offensive ideas and behaviors could not be removed by allowing them greater penetration into society…