Stealing Our Dates

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So Chaim and Liora’s grandchild in the making didn’t make it. The 30-week-old baby born in an emergency C-section struggled for four days but didn’t make it despite the absolute efforts of the staff at Shaare Tzedek hospital, Shaare Tzedek meaning Gates of Righteousness. And no doubt about it; the violent attack that shot up Shira Yael was seen through a certain Islamic lens as an act of righteousness.

Let’s be clear: what happened on Sunday evening was not an armed robbery; money was not the object. Spraying those innocent Jews at the Ofra bus stop was an act of righteousness because they were not innocent but guilty of the triple sin of 1) Jews stealing Balestine from Believers in One True Faith. 2) The Koran does not allow Jews to have their freedom in their own state. They must be oppressed and humiliated. 3) In Muslim eyes, Zionism is the Jewish intifada, the Jewish uprising, a rebellion against their status in Islam. It is an insult to Islam…