Israelis Are “Friers”

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…webcasting from messianic Israel, the creation of messianic national socialists who thought that if they stopped acting like believing Jews, the world would stop hating them and tormenting and torturing this people.

What they did not factor in was the possibility that the goyim would not let them shed their religious identity. I saw with my own eyes in 1993 Mr. Oslo Peace Process, Shimon Peres, say the purpose of Zionism was to normalize the existence of the Jewish people which can have only one meaning: joining the post-European intellectuals who had discarded Christianity. Young Shimon Peres wooed his future wife by reading to her from Das Kapital which he thought was the greatest book ever, Marx the genius who said religion is the opiate of the masses and Jewishness the worst of them.

To this day there are many Israelis who believe that antisemitism was triggered by the Jews themselves…