Sex and the A-Bomb

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Reform can’t put two and two together and see that their slavish worship to non-Jewish ideas is leading them to perdition. They are disappearing precisely because they have adopted the same behaviors as Greece and Roman in their last years.

Gay rabbis. Transgender rabbis. These Jews are off the rails. The Jews have survived all these thousands of years for never going down the road the Greeks and Romans and the men of Sodom went down. What has sustained the Jews is a rock solid, never compromising adherence to the principle that sex is great but like nuclear energy, it requires a containment facility. Without a containment facility, nuclear energy is immensely destructive, and with this energy to create another human being as G-d created Adam and Eve, one needs to cherish, respect and guard it and keep it within the containment facility called holy matrimony. Without an uncompromising opposition to adultery, one of the Ten Commandments, society falls apart. The Jews have survived because of their rock-solid, eternal sense of the holiness that is part of the highly pleasing activity of making a baby.

This is why when Hashem wanted not to tattoo forearms with serial numbers but cut into human Jewish flesh as a mark of His Covenant, he picked the right spot on the body to do it…