Intifada 3.0

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…There was an interesting coincidence last Thursday. During the webcast I opined that we are not hearing any more about the urgency of making peace from the White House because the Muslim agent in the Oval Office never gave a hoot about the Arabs. None of their backers ever did. They are just pawns and the creation of Jew-haters for whom the State of Israel’s existence enrages them.

Obama the Muslim looks upon Israel as ardent Muslims do: as an offense against the One True Faith. Jews are mandated in the Koran to be “oppressed and humiliated” which makes of their Zionism a rebellion against the word of Allah and his greatest prophet Muhammad the head-chopper.

So it was a coincidence to learn today that almost at the same time that I was doing the webcast, a spokesman for Emir Barack Hussein ibn Barack Hussein, one of his closest Jew-boy advisers Robert Malley, National Security Council Coordinator for the Middle East, spoke to the press and said, “The prospect of a two-state solution is not in the cards for the time that’s remaining.”

Yes. The crucifixion of the Palestinians and its remedy has been abandoned…