Rituals of Hate, II

Internet Radio

Program Link: AMBUSHED: U.N. Heads Turn in Stunned Disbelief as PLO Lies Exposed by Palestinian Hero
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…For some AntiJews, speaking such allegations about Jews is as common as fingering their worry beads. It is a kind of habit that serves some function in their psychic economy.

And this is on display in a video on the Jewish Press site today that is a must-see, for several reasons. First, for the real, human, facial expressions of the antiJew members of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday, during its monthly Israel-bashing session, to the words of Musab Hassan Yousef, the Green Prince, addressing their gathering devoted above all to accusing Israel of human rights violations unparalled in the world; like Roger Waters, who has said Israel is the worst human rights violator in the world, so it is the conventional wisdom in this monthly gabfest always driven to bash the world’s only Jewish state for being the worst human rights violator on the planet.

It is a marvelous video, for watching a hero in the midst of his heroism. Musab Hassan Yusef the Green Prince is surely marked for the death by devotees of his father’s religion of peace…