Arab-Muslims, A Lethal Combination

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Three more Israelis were sacrificed today northwest of Jerusalem by yet another in the bottomless pit of homicidal-suicidal Muslim maniacs, who have taken the lead over the last century as the world’s champion Jew-killers.

At different times in history, different peoples have played the role. The Romans, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Arabs after they became Muslims; the Byzantine Christians, the Spanish Catholic clergy, the Poles, the Russians with their pogroms and last but not least, the Germans. Actually, they are our penultimate brutalizers; the current ones are the Arab Muslims at it once again.

As Arabs for thousands of years they were no threat because of their essential tribal anarchy. There was no unity among the tribes. There is a crucial moment in David Lean’s film “Lawrence of Arabia” when Lawrence/Peter O’Toole, asks, he thinks rhetorically, the chief of the Howeitat tribe, “Don’t you want the Arabs to be a great people again?” And Anthony Quinn answers, “The Arabs? Who are the Arabs? I am Auda Abu Tayi, sheik of the Howeitat!”

That is the tribal mind on display, and thus for 2,000 years after the accepting the Torah miSinai, the Arabs posed no threat. But then they got religion, and used it to justify their pre-Islamic antediluvian predilections, to channel their hostility to one another toward non-Muslims. Perverting the Jewish concept of the Chosen People, they licensed themselves to go beyond the Jews who had been given the right to conquer this small country and expel its savage Canaanitic tribes, by believing in their right to overrun all peoples and extinguish their religion, making the whole world Muslim, and of course in the process dispossessing the victim peoples of all their wealth…