Our Generation’s Jew-Madness

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Webcast Title: Our Generation’s Jew-Madness
Webcast Date: 07/01/2010
Length: 40:46 Minutes
Program Link: McChrystal, Tocqueville, and the Koran: The Postmodern ‘COINage’ of a Failed Policy
(July 1, 2010) …Every generation has its style of Jew-madness. Take, for example, late 16th century England, when attitudes towards Jews were on display one evening in a play mounted in a theater in London, a comedy called the Merchant of Venice about a Jew money-lender, a banker. You see, less than a century had passed since the birth of the Church of England and the influence of the Catholic tradition was still strong; less than a century since King Henry the 8th and his remarkable daughter Elizabeth I founded the Church of England as it exists to this very day with the Queen still – this Elizabeth – its official head. It began as a breakaway from Rome which church had taught that money-lending was evil, indistinguishable from usury. And thus the Jews were condemned to be money-handlers.

This was a Catholic philosophy about as wrong-headed as its pathological and ultimately suicidal installation of celibacy as a priestly ideal. Look at what the Irish Catholics did to themselves: they would take the best brain among the kids and turn into a priest who does not pass on his good DNA. Not only is celibacy perverse, it’s stupid.

And it was the same wrong-headed thinking that had the Church of Rome condemning money-lending as an evil.

When it is not. What a money system does is transform immovable wealth, such as land (real estate) into a liquid commodity that gets passed around. Capitalism, not socialism, creates the greatest material good for the greatest number because it virtually alchemically transforms natural resources/immovable wealth (after gold and silver) into a symbolic piece of paper, which requires literacy to be read. And that’s the way to spread the wealth around. There is a connection between capitalism and democracy for the common man.

And when the English broke from Rome and began their slow rise to world dominance, they had to deal with such as the international Jewish merchants in Venice who, thanks to their multi-lingual abilities and business sense, were the major importers and exporters of the day. And that comedy by Mr. Shakespeare which is now playing in New York by a disappointing Al Pacino was written in that time period when the Jew was still a money-grubbing, blood-thirsty, all-around disgusting person, a figure of ridicule. When Shakespeare first mounted this production, there was, in modern terms, zero political correctness about laughing at and making fun of Jews. Nothing to be ashamed of. This was pre-Holocaust.

On the contrary, in England’s mostly Roman Catholic phase, Christians every Good Friday heard a sermon in the parish church confirming them in the belief that Jews are perfidious. That’s how bad the Jews are. They are perfidious…

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