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Webcast Title: A World Gone Mad
Webcast Date: 07/04/2010
Length: 33:51 Minutes
(July 4, 2010) …So sort of continuing in the vein of last Thursday’s webcast rumination on antiJew madness, there may be some connection to the parallel madness loose in the world in the matter of sodomy, which like Roman Catholic celibacy is simply not healthy for society and culture.

I mean, down in the imitation goy university in Beersheva, named for David ben-Gurion, a professor of bioethics was just fired because he told his students that homosexuality was flawed behavior and could be restrained. As he restrains himself from fornication with women he finds attractive because he is married; so this behavior likewise can be contained.

He also said same sex couples raising a child deprive that child of a normal life.

This offended a sodomite in the class who got him fired. And although YNET.com did not report if the professor believes in the G-d of Israel, it did report that he lives in Kiryat Arba, which of course is in “Occupied Palestine.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think society, Western society has gone crazy in the matter of sodomy. Just last Monday, the U.S Supreme Court said a university can deny recognition of a Christian student group because it will not admit people who sodomize one another (and other non-Christians), for surely it is as anti-Christian a behavior as it is antiJewish.

In a five-to-four decision in Washington, the U.S. Supreme Court sided against that Christian group because of its rejection of sodomites as members in their group.

I think the world has gone mad.

Last week too, in her confirmation hearings, the post-mitzvot Jewess Elena Kagan, which name reveals her descent from Aaron the High Priest, spoke of a decision she made at Harvard having to do with fair treatment regardless of “sexual orientation.”

“Sexual orientation.” That is an invention in a class with “homophobia,” “Islamophobia,” “transgender,” “Ancient Palestinian.” It is a verbal invention whose purpose is to spread a smoke-screen of fantasy over the truth.

“Sexual orientation”? There is no such thing. This expression was invented by sexual deviants to re-brand their deviation as normal and not deviant.

“Sexual orientation” was invented to preach the moral equivalence of normal sexual behavior between men and women, versus abnormal behavior. To say that so-and-so has a different “sexual orientation” is like saying the anorexic has a different nutritional orientation. Most people like to eat. The anorexic prefers not to. What’s the deal?

Of course with the anorexic her different nutritional orientation will kill her. Homosexual orientation does not necessarily kill on an individual basis, but if enough people in a society commit this perversion, the society will die. This is historical fact. The homosexuality of ancient Greece and Rome was a major factor in the disappearance of those cultures and societies.

A couple of months ago in England, somewhere in Cumbria, a Baptist street preacher spoke against sodomy and a complaint was filed, and he was arrested and jailed for basically hurting the feelings of a sodomite who heard him.

And then there is the “transgender” invention associated with the so-called “sex-change.”

The truth is that no man or woman has ever been turned into the opposite sex. This is a verbal fantasy invention. Men and women are distinguished from one another by possessing one of two types of reproductive, bodily organs: the man’s two-part equipment external to the body and the woman’s internal womb. No man has ever been fitted with a womb; no woman with a working set of male equipment.

And in fact, the professional literature regarding the misnamed “transgender” patient never records the desire of the sick one to either father a child or become pregnant to bear and nurse a child. What these slaves of their fantasies want is to wear the clothes of the other sex and pretend to be the other sex – which has nothing to do with procreation and child-rearing and everything to do with the archaic image in Greek and Roman mythology of the hermaphrodite.

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