Oslo @ 25

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Today, 25 years ago, a spectacle took place on the White House Lawn where two of the most uneducated and foolish Jews in Jewish history nursed on Marxist claptrap shook hands with that disgusting reptile of a lunatic murderer Arafat, that Nazi-loving Muslim Brotherhood, homosexual pedophile. The scene transfixed the planet. Wherever there were television sets on the planet, the handshake on the White house lawn was on display.

In attendance were the in-crowd of IBJs — Inside the Beltway Jews — smiling and clapping one and another on the back for the dawning of the messianic age of peace which in practice would mean the Two-State Solution and the expulsion of more Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria than were expelled from Iberia in the 1490s, with the rich irony being that this time, the regime expelling the Jews would be the Jews’ own government in Jerusalem…