Ari Fuld, hy”d

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Put another way, the savage who murdered Ari Fuld today probably shouted out Allahu Akbar. For sure, I have never heard of an Arab assassin — an Arabic word – shout out at such moments, “Long Live Balestine!” It is always this Islamic war cry, not at all a patriotic “Palestinian” imitation of, say, HaTikva, the Israeli national anthem that speaks of a Jewish soul yearning for this land. These are not “Palestinians murdering us like this, stabbing us in the back but Muslims.

I only met Ari once and one he was a most friendly fellow, for sure a great lover of Israel. Like you, I only saw the blurry security camera video and it makes sense he was stabbed in the back, for that is their favored technique. Because they are such chronic losers in a fair fight between soldiers in uniform, this is the only way they can kill the enemy, that is, the unsuspecting civilians in public places, pounced on from behind. Ari was a combat soldier and enjoyed being one, the physicality of it, and I would not want go mano-a-mano with him. So this evil little savage Arab pounced on him from behind plunging and plunging his blade into him.

He was rushed to hospital barely alive and passed there…