No more “Palestinians,” please

Internet Radio

July 22, 2010
38:26 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:50 Mins)
…What a strange world we live in when these 56 states of the Islamic Conference are self-proclaimed, officially Muslim states, and there are 21 officially Arab states, and nobody says boo about this.

But when the Jews assert their right to have their own, officially Jewish state, as a nation and a religion, the Enlightened start smirking and sneering at those racist Jews who don’t want to share Palestine with the Ancient Palestinians. Wasn’t Zionism uniquely singled out in the council of nations in 1975 as the only nationalist movement on Planet Earth that was a “form of racism”?

When the Arabs and Muslims assert their national identities as Arabs and Muslims, that’s okay. But among the Enlightened these very days their deep-thinkers of the Left continue to toy with the idea that if the Two-State Solution doesn’t come about, then we will have a One-State Solution in which Israel ceases to exist as exclusively a Jewish state, as Saudi Arabia is exclusively Arab-Muslim. It will become a bi-national state in which both ancient nations can live in perfect harmony and equality, and never mind that for 14 centuries they never did.

So I wish these Israelis would stop calling these Arabs, these Muslims, “Palestinians.” I mean, how did the IDF Spokesman know for sure that they were “Palestinians”? Arabs have been known to travel from their home countries to others in the world to kill people. Volunteers like Osama bin Ladin went to Afghanistan in the 1980s to resist the atheist Russian invaders. For years, Arabs wanting to kill Americans and other Allied soldiers have gone to Syria then crossed over into Iraq. They also have infiltrated via the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which traffic the Saudis did not care for and thus built a long security barrier about which the Enlightened says not one word of protest.

I think it is historically a grievous error on Israel’s part since 9-11 for Israel not to re-brand our neighbors here as Muslims, fanatical Muslims, the same enflamed rag heads who brought down the World Trade Center; the same homicidal maniacs who blew up trains in London and Madrid slaughtering hundreds of innocent people.

I await the day Israelis stop calling these people “Palestinians” and start calling them as their fathers in Zionism called them: Arabs. Herzl, Weizmann, Jabotinsky, across the spectrum they called the Arabs Arabs…