Jew-Baiting Redux

Internet Radio

July 25, 2010
34:10 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:24 Mins)
…You know what this is? It is very high-grade Jew-hatred in action. Like all antisemitic intellection, it is a lie in its rotten core; a lie whose purpose is to fuel Jew-hatred.

Antisemitism at its most basic is telling lies about the alleged evil the Jews have done and are doing, when we have not and are not doing. The alleged evil, the classic example of this is the blood libel, about which an entire book verifying its truth was written by the Defense Minister of Syria in the 1980s, called The Matza of Zion. Down the corridors of time people have accused Jews of this crime, which Jews have absolutely never committed. And this architecture of the mind repeats itself from generation to generation: Jews being accused of horrendous crimes for which they are not guilty and commonly when the guilty party does exist but is shielded by the antiJew lie.

Rashid Khalidi here exposes himself as classic antisemite/Jew-hater because he is right that the Arabs in Gaza are “effectively imprisoned.”

But Israel is not the imprisoner. It is not Israel’s fault; it’s not Israel’s guilt. The Arabs in the slums are there because fellow Arabs like himself, professional, salaried Israel-bashers, don’t want the situation to change. The backers of those slum-dwellers are men like Khalidi himself and the entire scam that UNRWA has been. Those slum-dwellers are kept there by every Arab state that does not offer them citizenship, especially the Arab states that in 1948 attacked Israel; Israel did not attack them.

Rashid al-Khalidi is a textbook specimen of a modern antisemite because he smears Israel with his own side’s guilt; his guilt and that of his Arab brethren; and all the Western states who keep funneling rivers of money into Gaza to keep these people on the dole…