Never Imitate Them

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…There is an old expression that Western civilization is the product of Athens and Jerusalem, meaning Greece and the Land of Israel.

The former gave the world architecture, philosophy and engineering, sculpture, poetry, the theater of tragedy, stories of man commonly at odds with the gods in a world of many gods.

The latter gave the world ethics, morality, dictated by the One G-d of All Creation of All with whom one strives to live up to His demands and be all one can be. Improve society, raise it to a new level.

We Jews are the world’s most experienced experts in injustice. We know what that is better than other people because hand-in-hand with the unique history of never dying, as many Western nations these days seemed headed for the memory banks of history, but not the Jews.

So, or it seems, that beside the gift of immortality thus far, in every generation we are abused by Jew-haters who can be homicidal in the hatred, big time. As the Adolf Hitler was Evil in every cell of his body hated this opposite number, the Jews, the Jews represent the opposite of Evil, the Good…