I Don’t Like Islam. Deal With It.

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…At the risk of being misunderstood I think the Holocaust was the greatest compliment ever paid the Jewish people by the Devil, the evil force in this world. What an honor to be hated by the Devil Incarnate, Adolf Hitler. His wild hatred of Jews was the reaction of evil in the face of good, the good Jewish people. Murderous hatred.

And while Nazism is a thing of the past, the hatred of Jews is alive and well. Today the leading Jew-hating nation is no longer Germany with its National Socialist ideology. Today, the leading Jew-hating ideology is Islam, which like Nazism, like Communism, is a totalitarian ideology; like them both, an ideology aspiring to world conquest; and it is no coincidence that all three in the black heart of their ideology, hates the Jews.

And because Israel has a friend among the nations, the United States, Islam, Muslims hate the United States too…