Israel’s Divided Self

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…There are no bigger supporters in Israel of these gate-crashing Africans than the anti-pro-Balestinian Israeli Left. Anything to damage Jewish group solidarity. I remember one Independence Day Meretz took out an ad in the paper seemingly in celebration, using as a sub-headline, “Israel: A Multicultural Country.” The idea of uniquely Jewish country sickens them.

It is this spirit at work as well in the demand of Israel’s post-Jewish Left who insist that Israel be a Jewish and a democratic country, by which they mean a Jewish and a non-Jewish country. For Israel’s enlightened post-religionists, the term Jew associates to the Jewish religion, and if you are not religious, you are an Israeli, a patriot, a nationalist but not a Jew.

It is the eternal tug of war here. Today I woke up to newspapers blaring advertisements for major sales tomorrow because it is Black Friday, and it is not the first time Israelis have pilfered something from American culture and made it their own, without any understanding of what they are doing…