America, Israel’s Promised Land

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…You should have the seen almost banner headline in the post-Zionist post-Jewish Jerusalem Post: “Hotovely insults US Jewry, then apologizes under pressure.”

And the subhead: “Facing Diaspora fury, threatens termination.”

This was almost an LOL/laugh out loud moment for its bizarre distortion of what she said and the notion that the Diaspora was furious. Tsipi spoke the truth, if less than elegantly and as an Israeli, well, they are not known for their tact. Truth be told, I did detect a shallow misperception of American Jewry, but overall she spoke the truth. And that can, like a dentist hitting a nerve, cause great pain, which was the response in Israel to the post-Zionist, really Jewish Israelis whose perception of American Jewry, judging of the MSM’s hysteria, is likewise fanciful and defective.

“Diaspora fury” over her words? Puh-leeze. 99% of Diaspora Jews do not know what she said and could not care less. Israel is simply not part of their thoughts…