Imaging the Jew

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…Yeah, this age-old problem of imaging the Jew as a villain thirsty for the blood of innocents, which is why on Passover Jews kill goyim for their blood; or Shylocks, money-lenders virtually sexually aroused by the very thought of filthy lucre. That remains alive and well in the kinds of such as Nahum Barnea who see the words of rabbis, words of faith as voodoo. And his camp in Israel is outraged by a book by a rabbi called Toras HaMelech / The King’s Torah, which allegedly, according to yesterday is a “book said to encourage the killing of non-Jews.”

Shocking. This state was created by post-mitzvot scoffers of religion who made an idol of Jewish soldiers, soldiers being people trained to kill their people’s enemies. There is nothing more Israeli than the IDF, the secular state’s basic institution which knit together recruits with roots in a hundred different countries speaking scores of languages. They all came together in the Hebrew army.

This state was fashioned by mockers of Jews because they passively allowed the goyim to abuse them. For them the New Jew was to be above all a soldier, who, again, has the primary mission of killing his people’s enemies. And since the new state waved a flag bearing symbols of the Jewish people, these enemies are non-Jews.

And here we are 63 years on and a rabbi who writes on the ethical dimensions of warfare and the possibility that the enemy’s children may die, well, he is seen as “encouraging the killing of non-Jews” – which is what the IDF has been doing since May 14, 1948.

What a turn of events. This is the people that gave the world the story of Sodom and Gomorrah which is partly about the unacceptability of homosexual perversion and partly about the ethical dilemma of warfare in which innocents die. That whole famous dialogue between Avraham and HaShem, the bargaining over how many innocents are needed to restrain His wrath. And here in Israel today the Enlightened look upon a rabbi with disgust for he validates what used to be IDF morality before the Enlightened perverts on the Aharon Barak court changed things around. It was Barak the antiJew who corrupted IDF morality by objecting basically to making a distinction between Jews and non-Jews; in other words in treating the ancient not as equals in Israel’s civil society but enemy aliens. Aharon Barak did not like that. His rulings were reminiscent of the mindset of Eric Holder and company in the States who think the 9-11 devils are entitled to all the protections of a US citizen in a civil court in Manhattan.

This whole business of the two Rabbis Lior and Yosef being summoned by the police to explain themselves is rooted in this Enlightened irritation at Jews licensing themselves to value Jewish life over non-Jewish life.

That is, inter alia, what Rabbi Shapira ruled. He said that if there is a choice between preserving Jewish life or the lives of enemy children, Jewish life triumphs.

In other words, in war Israelis have the right to – fasten your seat belts – act like other nations. What is war if not national armies clashing in order to defend one’s own peoples by killing foreigners, even their children if necessary.

This story of the two rabbis is yet another chapter in the history of antiJew imaging the Jew as a selfish, greedy, blood-thirsty, chauvinistic villain who arrogates the title the Chosen People in order to persecute the goyim…