Greece to the Rescue

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…Speaking before of Lady Hillary of Foggy Bottom, her State Department, JPost hard copy reported this morning, citing JTA, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, is going to be funding to the tune of a half-million dollars a study to examine incitement in Israeli and Balestinian textbooks. The moral equivalence implied here is as disgusting as opening talks with the Muslim Brotherhood.

This study will analyze children’s textbooks in use by Israeli and Balestinian schoolchildren. The outfit being given all this lucre is called the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land, a Jerusalem-based organization of Islamic, Jewish and Christian religious leaders. A team of six bilingual researchers, Israeli Jews and three putatively Paleolithic Palestinians will analyze 141 Balestinian textbooks and 486 Israeli textbooks in search of incitement against the Other.

What a waste of taxpayer money in this economic crash the likes of which the US has never known.

First of all, reports on these antisemitic Arab books have been around since the earliest days of the Oslo abomination, studies produced by Israeli Jews. But of course, I suppose, they cannot be used for surely they are one-sided.

Secondly, again, this moral equivalence is nauseating, as if Israeli Jewish textbooks contain even one one-thousandth of the lies and myths and fantasies that abound Arab books.

What the money might be better used for is an analysis of antiJew incitement in the Qur’an, which does not lack for many verses of hatred for Jews – versus the Bible and the 18 volumes of the Talmud which contain not one sentence about Islam because the canon of both texts were closed before Muhammad the beheader of 800 Jewish men was even born…