Geneva’s Great Success

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…Remember too how in the spring of his first year Iran’s voters were betrayed by the Muslim priests running that country who oversaw a wholly corrupt vote, after which people came out in huge numbers to protest and Obama said nothing in support.

How many times must this Muslim crusader do something exposing his true intentions, his support for Islamists in Turkey and Iran, before people wake up and face the truth about him?

As I have said before, when he called the Ft. Hood massacre perpetrated by a Muslim religious fanatic shouting “Allahu Akbar!” a workplace accident, immediate steps should have been taken in the Congress of the United States of America leading toward his removal from office under the rubric of high crimes, including treason.

This shameless demand of the American people that they deny the evidence before their eyes that Ft. Hood was ethically identical to 9-11, only the arithmetic, the number of dead Americans killed by a Muslim fanatic, was different…