The Peace Processors’ Diagnosis

  Sunday - May 4, 2014 6:02 PM EST

Internet Radio

Program Link: Inside the talks’ failure: US officials open up

…Without Islam, for the Arabs as a nation, comparing themselves to the nations of Europe and the West is a depressing exercise. I’ve traveled in a third of the Arab states and nowhere is there a New York, Paris, London, Prague, Tokyo, Chicago, Kyoto, Kobe, Toronto, Montreal, cities which is where man reaches the heights of his capabilities; where he builds research hospitals and libraries and universities, museums and think-tanks.

Versus Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc. Jordan. None of these countries has even one city to compare to what cities in the West, as a concept, associates to.

Where is the R & D in Araby? They produce nothing; innovate nothing. Look at Japan, South Korea with their automobile plants. Look at burgeoning China.

Islam is everything to these people and it simply cannot accommodate Israel in its midst…

Northern Israel