Western vs. Eastern Jews

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Lately there has been a daily scorecard of violence against the Children of Israel everywhere. Yesterday in Judea, three IDF warriors were plowed into by a Muslim, who was exterminated by a soldier untouched by his violence. The boys were only slightly wounded and treated by medics on the scene.

And in Brooklyn we saw video of a Jewish boy ambushed from behind and pushed down on the sidewalk.

In LA, a Somali named Mohammed, and the fact that at so many of them bear this name is evidence what a stunted culture. Surely there were other virtuous Muslims one might call a boy. Islam is a totalitarian culture and it is no accident that the very name means submission and prayer is tantamount to self-abasement. It is not a culture that admires the individual for this individual contribution to society.

So in LA this Muslim attempted vehicular homicide on some three Jews but failed…