Varieties of Antisemitism

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And I ask, why are the enlightened so hateful toward Mr. Netanyahu? What has he done or not done to merit the scorn, mockery and contempt that the Enlightened smear him with? Perhaps because he refuses to beat his chest and confess that he is a racist oppressor of a third world people administering an apartheid society and order all the Jews living in the West Bank to immediately leave their homes and hand everything over the legitimate, ancient landlords of Balestine?

In this mindset, beneath the surface, is age-old and age-less Jew-hatred that morphs and molts from one historical epoch to another. For two thousand years, Christians reveled in their hatred of Jews for being the guilty murderers of Jesus who was their messiah and really no less G-d Himself.

In our historical period, that way of hating Jews has pretty withered is rarely heard, which makes sense since Christendom in Europe is on its way out. Today we Jews are no longer Christ-killers but an evil people nonetheless for our unjust, evil theft of Balestine from the Balestinians. Today Jews are guilty of crucifying the innocent Palestinians, the victims of the Jews’ Zionism…