Under Attack from All Sides

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Ten Commandments are 70% negative like the first one in the Garden; “Don’t do this and don’t do that, which you will want to do.” The beginning of morality is less doing good than refraining from doing evil.

And for this the world hates us. We are surrounded by antiJews. Consider the following news stories today. The Iron Dome system has been installed in the center of the country in anticipation the homicidal Muslim Jew-haters in Gaza fittingly called Islamic Jihad — there could no better name for them — though three years ago, the MSM repeatedly called those firing rockets in our homes and streets “Palestinians.” There is fear in Israel that Islamic Jihad wants revenge for what the IDF did a couple of weeks ago already. Blew up a tunnel being dug in hopes of being able to send teams of suicidal-homicidal Muslim maniacs into Jewish villages to murder Jews at random, and in the process ten of their bigwigs, are should I say their big keffiyas, were unexpectedly launched into Muslim paradise. You might think that Islamic Jihad would thank Israel for dispatching the ten to that eternal orgy in the sky. But no. Israel is expecting a reprisal…