Trump, Mattis, Syria, Hysteria

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This is how crazy Jew-hatred is, how it distorts the mind. Palestinian Nationalism is this generation’s Holocaust Denial. Both of them corrupt history. Holocaust Denial deletes from history facts and truths the denier is incapable of facing and assimilating. For David Irving, Jeremy Corbyn, Barak Obama the Muslim saboteur crusader for Islam, which is nothing but Judaism the sons of Ishmael stole and perverted. And as they cannot deal with the Holocaust, they cannot deal with the reality of Israel Reborn, the very existence of Israel, the return of the Jews as it says in the Torah, after 18 centuries, because the very existence of Israel refutes their claim that Islam is the Real McCoy, the real religion of Ibrahim, another name they mispronounce…