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Webcast Title: Tony Judt
Webcast Date: 06/23/2009 (Rerun)
Length: 38:26 Minutes
(June 23, 2009) “…In truth, in the 1947 Partition Plan, the names ‘Samaria’ and ‘Judea’ were used to describe this landscape that, it was suggested, become another ‘Arab state.’ That was the language. In those days before the 1949 cease-fire line, today’s so-called Green Line, the line did not exist and so there was no ‘West Bank’ as that kidney-bean shaped 2000 square miles is known today. In fact, in the very newspaper where Tony Judt published his antiJew rant, in 1967 the New York Times wrote of ‘the western bank of the Jordan River.’ So the term West Bank is a new term, a new geographical area, and it had yet to take hold in the popular mind in 1967.

“Only from 1968 on did the New York Times begin consistently to write of the ‘West Bank’ as if it was its real name instead of the default option for people who never had a name in their own alleged history for what Jews have always called Judea and Samaria for thousands of years….”

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