Three More Martyrs

Internet Radio

…There is something profoundly immoral, to my mind, by not putting to death, murderers, especially when the murderers are proud of their killing.

By all means in civil proceedings afford the defendant who claims he is innocent all possible avenues and techniques for proving his innocence.

But not every homicide leads to the arrest of someone claiming, “I didn’t do it. Get me Perry Mason.” Some murderers actually crow of their dastardly crime and these should immediately be put to death.

This business of Israel warehousing thousands of these men who deserve death cannot be justified. To do so is to commit an offense against their Jewish victims. So yesterday Baruch Mizrachi’s widow — ironically the counter-terror specialist in the police force murder outside of Hevron Erev Pesach — was demanding death for his killer and rightly so.

It is, I fear, one facet, of some defects in the Israeli character. One would think that along with the building of the New Jew who fights back, as Bibi likes to say, who has his own country and own army and can fight back, the New Jew would not hesitate to execute as soon as possible an Arab murder of a fellow Jew.

Israel needs to revamp its thinking about acts of terror and Arab brutality. Israel needs to declare to the world that in the land of Israel, the ultimate crime is violence by a goy against a Jew.

How common that has been in the exile; how uncommon it must become here…