“Those responsible…”

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…We left off with the poverty of speech among Israeli leaders when it comes to referring to the enemy. In the West during World War II there was no inability by anyone bad mouth both the Japanese and the Germans for their barbaric cruelty.

Here, though, only silence. What I have in mind is the latest PMW posting, yesterday, which deals with how the official PA daily covered the news story last week you might have seen of the purchase by a coin collector for over one million dollars of a coin minted by the Jewish rebels here in the first years of the revolt against Rome which began in the year 66 of the Common Era. The official PA newspaper – which when you think about it is a Communist notion: an official newspaper published by the regime – called the coin an “ancient Palestinian coin” and that it is part of the “Palestinian cultural heritage.” And never mind there was no Palestine in the year 66 and would not be one for another century.

This of course is akin to the PA claiming “Palestinian” ownership of the Tomb of Rachel and the Tomb of Joseph and the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

And once again from official Israel there is only silence. When the PLO killers got UNESCO to declare the Tomb of Rachel the tomb of some Arabian princess or something, I don’t recall the Government of Israel saying anything, making a fuss. Now too no response.

Someday future historians will be seriously scratching their heads over the oddity of the PA, created in 1994, putting out such nonsense with Israel’s permission. The PA TV for example with its antisemitic broadcast for two decades now with the Government of Israel saying nothing.

You know the PA TV station was given to them by Shimon Peres, who should have, at the first sign of its antisemitism, taken it back. I remember watching PA TV when the second intifada erupted in 2000 which was to broadcast a (repeating) loop of maybe 30 minutes of unedited, raw footage of Arabs rioting, stoning Jews and the IDF and police striking back and drawing blood. There was raw footage of Arabs wounded in the melee, being carried by friends into hospitals, put in and taken out of ambulances. No commentary, no explanation, no analysis, just screaming and blood and sirens shown endlessly for hours on end. All it could do and was supposed to do was stir up the blood, enrage Arabs who watched, and it was simply stunning how the Israeli government did nothing to pull the plug…